Twelve Month Belgian Beer Club

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This is your chance to explore a variety of the best Belgian beers. Each month showcases a different style with a selection of top-rated beers -- each from a different brewery!

Here's how it works:
  • Immediately, we send a Welcome Packet. It includes a list of the months to be received, information about all styles of Belgian beer, and a "Rate it Yourself" worksheet to help keep track of the beers received and rate them.

  • Beer shipments begin the month after the order is placed. To delay the start, purchaser can indicate the start month in the "Special Instructions" field during Checkout.

  • Shipments go out the first Monday of each month. Automatically, the recipient will receive consecutive monthly shipments, featuring the style of the month.
Here's what you get:
  • 12 monthly shipments

  • One large (25.4 oz.) and two small (11.2 oz.) bottles each month -- all from different breweries that showcase the style of the month.

  • Monthly flyer describing each beer in the shipment -- including primary characteristics, brewer information, and the tradition behind the style.
All prices include Shipping & Handling!

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MonthFeatured Style
February:TRIPEL (Group 1)
March:TRAPPIST (Group 1)
June:TRAPPIST (Group 2)
July:BLONDE/GOLDEN (Group 1)
November:BLONDE/GOLDEN (Group 2)

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