Our Vision

BelgianStyleAles.com is the only USA-based online store that specializes in Belgian ales. We are a website where both experienced beer lovers and beginners can learn more about Belgium's great diversity of ales. Every month, we are finding and adding new ales to our inventory.

Our Story

BelgianStyleAles.com grew out of MonasteryGreetings.com. Launched in 1999, Monastery Greetings is a direct mail catalog and website that sells products from monasteries, convents, abbeys and hermitages. In 2010, Monastery Greetings began selling ales made by monasteries – mostly Trappist ales from Belgium.

Soon after Monastery Greetings began selling Trappist ales, customers began asking for ales from other monasteries. And soon after Monastery Greetings began selling ales from other monasteries, customers began asking for a greater variety of ales from Belgium. In the process, we learned that the tiny country of Belgium produces more than 1,000 different ales. We also learned that many are hard to find in the United States. It was at this point, we realized there was no online source in the USA specializing in Belgian ales. We set out to change that.

We started researching the depth and breadth of Belgian ales using books, word of mouth and online sources. Soon, we had a comprehensive database of the best Belgian ales available. In 2016, BelgianStyleAles.com was launched. Aside from offering the finest ales from Belgium, we also aim to help experienced beer lovers, as well as beginners, learn more about Belgium's great diversity of ales. Customers can shop by style, brand, and price as well as by ABV (alcohol by volume) and rating (according to Ratebeer.com).

Every month, we are finding and adding new ales to BelgianStyleAles.com. During November and December, there is an influx of seasonal/Christmas ales and gift sets. With nearly 200 of the best ales from Belgium already in our growing selection, we are now looking to add more, barrel-aged ales, rare brews, and Belgian-style ales brewed outside of Belgium.

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