Unibroue Mix (6 different ales)

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Sample 6 of Unibroue's Best!

Brewed by: Unibroue
Country: Canada
Style: Various
Color: Various

ABV (Alcohol by Volume):
5%, 8%, 9%, 9%, 9%, 9.5%
Ratebeer.com rating:
65, 98, 95, 99, 98, 85
BeerAdvocate.com rating:
88, 94, 93, 95, 97, 86

Bottle Size: 12 oz. (6 bottles)

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Unibroue Mix includes 6 different bottles of fine Belgian-style ale from Unibroue; one each of the following:

Blanche de Chambly (ABV 5%) is rated 65 on Ratebeer.com and 88 on BeerAdvocate.com. Featuring a straw-colored body and thick head, this smooth and refreshing wheat beer is known for its subtle spicy bouquet and citrus notes. This highly awarded beer was named in honor of Fort Chambly, the proud emblem of the city where it's brewed. One 12 oz bottle.

Maudite (ABV 8%) is rated 98 on Ratebeer.com and 94 on BeerAdvocate.com. Red-amber in color, this aromatic and complex Dubbel ale reveals a scent of spice, orange and malt, followed by caramelized notes and a finish as hot as dying embers. It evokes the Quebec legend of La Chasse-galerie - or flying canoe - which tells the tale of men who would risk anything for a night of fun, even making a pact with the devil. One 12 oz bottle.

Don de Dieu (ABV 9%) is rated 95 on Ratebeer.com and 93 on BeerAdvocate.com. This sweet and full-bodied Imperial Wheat Ale packs a serious punch with the taste of spices, malt, fruit and yeast. Every sip is a memorable moment, like the historic day when French explorers met with the First Nations people who came out to greet the Don de Dieu, the ship carrying Samuel de Champlain. One 12 oz bottle.

Trois Pistoles (ABV 9%) is rated 99 on Ratebeer.com and 95 on BeerAdvocate.com. Crafted with four types of malt and just as many exotic spices, this strong, dark brown ale offers notes of black cherry and dark rum. There is a legend in Quebec, including in the town of Trois Pistoles, that speaks of a black horse which is revealed to be a devil in disguise. One 12 oz bottle.

La Fin du Monde (ABV 9%) is rated 98 on Ratebeer.com and 97 on BeerAdvocate.com. This rich and sophisticated golden Tripel has earned several international titles thanks to its refined taste marked by notes of grains, fruit and spice, supported by a slight bitterness. It is a tribute to Quebec, the land encountered by 16th-century French explorers who thought they'd reached the end of the world. One 12 oz bottle.

Ce N'est Pas La Fin du Monde (ABV 9.5%) is rated 85 on Ratebeer.com and 86 on BeerAdvocate.com. Building on the base of the brewery's well-known La Fin du Monde Belgian-style Tripel, this beer is hopped in the style of a North American IPA using Galaxy, Williamette, Cascade and Simcoe hops. Located at the confluence of two cultures, it combines Belgian complexity with the power of New World IPAs, and evokes the French exploring the interior of the continent in search of new territories. One 12 oz bottle.

A pioneer of craft brewing in Quebec, Unibroue produces innovative, high quality beers with unique flavor profiles based on Belgian tradition and inspired by the stories and legends of Quebec. Since 1992 they have accumulated nearly 400 international awards and honors for their beers, and are the most-awarded brewery in Canada.
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Great beers
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 7, 2023  |  By Jeff G.
at a grat price.....
Jeff G.

Revisiting a Favorite!
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Dec 12, 2021  |  By Pamela
Have enjoyed Unibroue in past years but have been unable to find it locally. Thanks for shipping! Will enjoy over the holidays!