Unibroue Maudite 12 oz

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Canadian Brown Strong Dubbel

Brewed by: Unibroue
Country: Canada
Style: Dubbel
Color: Red Amber

ABV: 8%
Ratebeer.com rating: 98
BeerAdvocate.com rating: 94

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Maudite (ABV 8%), an aromatic and complex Dubbel from Unibroue, reveals a scent of spice, orange and malt, followed by caramelized notes and a finish as hot as dying embers. "Maudite" translates as "damned", and evokes the Quebec legend of La Chasse-galerie - or flying canoe - which tells the tale of men who would risk anything for a night of fun, even making a pact with the devil.

Aroma combines malt, orange, and spices like coriander and cloves with hoppy floral notes. Offers a velvety palate of caramelized sugar and marmalade, slightly roasted with a spicy finish. Pairs well with spicy dishes crême brûlée, and strong-tasting soft washed-rind cheeses. 12 oz capped bottle.
A pioneer of craft brewing in Quebec, Unibroue produces innovative, high quality beers with unique flavor profiles based on Belgian tradition and inspired by the stories and legends of Quebec. Since 1992 they have accumulated nearly 400 international awards and honors for their beers, and are the most-awarded brewery in Canada.