St. Bernardus Abt 12 Barrel Aged Sour 25.4 oz

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Barrel Aged Sour Blend

Brewed by: St. Bernardus Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Sour / Quadrupel
Color: Brown

ABV: 10.0%
Cellaring: Yes rating: 91 rating: 89

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St. Bernardus Abt 12 Barrel Aged Sour (ABV 10%) is a one-time special release. It was brewed with the same recipe as their flagship beer -- the classic Quadrupel Abt 12 -- but after brewing, the beer was rested in oak barrels for 3 years. This barrel aging lets the beer go sour in a natural way. In mid-2019 the aged beer was blended with freshly brewed Abt 12 and bottled.

The beer has a fruity and tart aroma that comes from St. Bernardus's own specific yeast strain. The taste is reminiscent of the classic Abt 12, striking a perfect balance between malty and bitter, but with added tartness and tannin from the oak barrels. The acidity in the finish masks the high alcohol content. rating: 91 (out of 100)

The St. Bernardus Brewery was founded in 1946 by Evarist Deconinck. When the Trappist monks of the St. Sixtus Monastery in Westvleteren, Belgium decided that brewing and promotional efforts had become a serious distraction from religious and contemplative activities, they granted Deconinck a license to brew and distribute Trappistine beers based on the monastery's recipe.

That arrangement continued for decades, but in 1992, when it was decreed that only beers brewed within the walls of a monastery under direct control of the monks could be called Trappist beers, St. Bernardus launched its own brand of abbey beers to huge success.

Today, the brewery distributes award winning ales to more than two dozen countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan.