Scaldis Prestige Cuvee Speciale 25.4 oz

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Finished in Oak Barrels

Brewed by: Dubuisson Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Color: Amber

ABV: 13.0% rating: 99 rating: 89

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Scaldis Prestige Cuvee Speciale (ABV 13%) from Dubuisson Brewery is a Scaldis Amber that, rather than maturing in stainless steel tanks, has spent 6 months finishing in oak barrels. During the bottling process, small amounts of sugar and yeast are added to the beer so that it re-ferments in the bottle during its stay in the brewery's warm room. This develops the natural yeast cloud and gives the beer its exceptionally high alcohol volume.

Scaldis Prestige has an outstanding aroma and flavor, with touches of red and black fruits, raisin, toasted caramel, and a dominant impression of spices, vanilla, and wood.

Reviving the traditional use of oak barrels introduces aromas and tannins reminiscent of the aromas of whisky and other spirits matured on oak, coupled with an extraordinarily rounded and balanced character. The alcohol content is apparent but never overpowering. Scaldis Prestige is an exceptional beer rated 99/100 on

The Dubuisson Brewery was founded in 1769 by Joseph Leroy in Pipaix, a hamlet in the Wallonian region of Belgium, as a farm brewery after an imperial decree ending tax exemptions closed aristocratic breweries in the region including the estate where he was employed at the time.

More than a century and a half later, his heirs (through the female line), brothers Alfred and Amedee Dubuisson, decided to cease all commercial farming and concentrate fully on the brewery business.

Today the Dubuisson Brewery, still family owned and operated and one of the oldest and most respected independent breweries in Belgium, exports superior quality ales to at least twenty countries including the USA, Australia, France, Chile, and Vietnam.
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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jul 12, 2020  |  By Jon P
One of the best beers I've ever had!!
Jon P