Saison Dupont Farmhouse Ale (4-can pack)

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Belgian Golden Saison

Brewed by: Dupont Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Saison
Color: Golden

ABV: 6.5%
Cellaring: Yes rating: 98 rating: 94

Can size: 16.9 oz (4-can pack)

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Brewed since 1844 and considered by many to be the benchmark of the style, Saison Dupont from the Dupont Brewery pours a hazy golden color with a frothy white head.

It boasts aromas of banana and clove, bready yeast and white grape, pear, apricot and spice.

Taste follows the nose and also includes tart notes of citrus, sugared grapefruit, and a brisk hop bitterness.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and smooth with a crisp carbonation and a 6.5% ABV; the finish is long and dry. 16.9 oz. can (4-can pack)

Food Pairings

Serve at 12 degrees C. Pair with well-peppered salmon steaks, Thai food, spicy Mexican dishes, Vietnamese food, steak au poivre, fiery Cajun dishes, and well-aged Gouda.

Aside from desserts and very acidic tomato sauces, it's hard to find anything that Saison Dupont doesn't enhance!

The Dupont Brewery was founded in 1920 when Alfred Dupont purchased as a gift for his son, Louis, a small farm and brewery in the town of Tourpes in Belgium. Louis, an agricultural engineer, proved a hands-on farmer and brewmaster and began producing saison and table beers for local distribution only.

The next decades, however, would see brewing operations expand, and by the 1950s the brewery was specializing in high quality, top fermented ales with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Dupont beers grew steadily in popularity and demand.

Today the brewery – still owned by the Dupont family and still a working farm that includes a bakery and an artisanal cheese making facility on site – exports award-winning ales to countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Italy.

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