Rodenbach Classic 16.9 oz can

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Belgian Brown Oak-Aged Sour

Brewed by: Rodenbach Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Sour Red/Brown
Color: Brown

ABV: 5.2% rating: 93 rating: 90

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Rodenbach is a sour ale blend of 1/4 aged "mother beer" - which has matured in oak at least two years - with 3/4 of a younger, sweeter counterpart. A great introduction to the Flemish sour ale style, the brew pours a hazy brown color with auburn highlights and a small beige head.

Aromas include sour cherry, vinegar, dark berry, green apple and grape with notes of sour candy, caramel and coffee.

Taste is not quite as tart as the nose but follows the same general profile and also includes red currant, fig, raisin and spice with notes of wood, vanilla and red wine.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and very smooth with active carbonation and a moderate 5.2% ABV. The finish is tart and dry. 16.9 oz. (500 ml) can

Food Pairings

Pairs well with fish, shellfish, sushi, mushrooms, pasta and cheeses; or try with roast chicken and vegetables with crusty baguette on the side or even strong game meats. Serve at 6-8 degrees C.

In 1821, the four Rodenbach brothers (Pedro, Alexander, Ferdinand and Constantijn) invested in a small brewery in Roeselare, In 1836 Pedro Rodenbach and his wife, Regina Wauters, bought the shares of the others, and Regina ran the business while Pedro served in the military.

Their grandson Eugene traveled to England to learn from master-brewers of porter the principles of maturing beer in oak casks (or foeders) as well as the process of properly blending the results. He returned to Roeselare and created masterful sour ales for which the family's brewery became famous.

Today the Rodenbach Brewery, since 1998 a part of the Palm Brewery Corporation of craft brewers, produces award-winning sour ales for distribution worldwide.

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