OG 1111 Vintage 2015 11.2 oz

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Smoked Barleywine

Brewed by: Piccolo Opificio Brassicolo del Carrobiolo
Country: Italy
Style: Barleywine
Color: Deep Brown

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 13%
Ratebeer.com rating: 96
BeerAdvocate.com rating: 88

Bottle Size: 11.2 oz.

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OG 1111 (ABV 13%) from Piccolo Opificio Brassicolo del Carrobiolo is brewed with 8 different malts, mostly Maris Otter and a carefully measured amount of peated malt; the other six are various caramel and toasted malts to cover the range of color and aromatics. The powerful Hercules hop is used for bittering, and a touch of East Kent Goldings at the end of the boil to obtain that 'rhubarb and quinine' effect. An English yeast finishes the fermentation relatively quickly, but then the beer gets a long maturation at cold temperatures and after bottling, 6 months in the cellars of the convent. Intensely aromatic with notes of smoke, dark fruits, molasses and toffee.
Birra del Carrobiolo

The brewery--the full name of which is Piccolo Opificio Brassicolo del Carrobiolo - Fermentum--first opened in 2008 within the Convent of the Barnabite Fathers in Piazza Carrobiolo in the historic center of Monza, Italy as a collaboration between the brewmaster Pietro Fontana and the convent. Before opening the brewery Pietro worked at the convent for 15 years as the director of their educational center for poor and troubled youth. The brewery was conceived as a place where graduating students could train, to learn brewing and go on to find other work. Today the main brewing assistant is an orphan and ex-student of the center.