Lindemans Cuvee Rene Oude Kriek 12 oz

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Lambic fermented with With Whole Cherries

Brewed by: Lindemans Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Fruit Lambic
Color: Red

ABV: 7%
Cellaring: Yes rating: 97 rating: 93

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Cuvée René Oude Kriek Lambic is a traditional Belgian Kriek Lambic. Lindemans add whole cherries (including pits) to a lambic that is at least six months old and allow the brew to ferment in huge oak barrels called foudres. After six months, this traditional kriek is bottled, and then undergoes a second fermentation.

It is deep ruby red in color, with a slightly pink head, and offers a powerful sour cherry aroma with vanilla, and earthy, musty notes.

Taste is bracingly tart and wine-like, with cherry and almond flavors predominating over Brettanomyces funk and oak. Highly carbonated, with a dry finish.

Due to the second fermentation process in the bottle, this kriek will improve for years, cellared with the bottles lying on their sides.

Food Pairings

Excellent as an aperitif, or with rabbit, venison, or duck. Try with mild blue cheeses such as Stilton or Bleu des Causses, toasted bread with cottage cheese and herbs. Enjoy with desserts such as crêpes with vanilla ice cream, tart red cherry granita, or Brussels or Liège-style waffles. Serve at 5 °C in a tall, thick tumbler or flute glass.

Lindemans Brewery, initially a family farm in southwest Brussels, began commercial brewing operations in 1822. They specialized in Lambics – a unique style of wheat beer wholly dependent on wild airborne yeasts for fermentation as well as on an exceptionally long period of maturation up to 3 years.

Over time, brewery revenue gradually outpaced farming revenue and by 1930, the Lindemans family was able to cease farming operations altogether to concentrate fully on the brew business.

Today the brewery, still family owned, exports its award winning ales to a dozen countries including the US, where their ales outsell all other Lambics.