Lindemans Cuvee Francisca Oude Gueuze (200th Anniversary) 25.4 oz

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Belgian Oude Gueuze Lambic Limited Edition

Brewed by: Lindemans Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Gueuze Lambic
Color: Gold

ABV: 8%
Cellaring: Yes rating: Not yet rated rating: Not yet rated

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Lindemans Brewery celebrates 200 years of lambic brewing in 2022 with Cuvée Francisca Oude Gueuze (ABV 8%). A very limited edition, it commemorates Francisca Vandersmissen, who married Joos Lindemans in 1822: they began to brew and sell lambic that year, and to this day six generations later the same family continues to make wonderful wild-fermented beer, lambic, in the same village of Vlezenbeek, Belgium.

Cuvée Francisca is a special brewery blend of young lambic and four-year-old lambic, fermented in oak then bottle-conditioned for a full year. It shows a dark golden color; oak, citrus, and vanilla notes; and sherry aroma in the finish: it's a vital, dry, complex, superb oude gueuze.

Due to the second fermentation process in the bottle, its shelf life is the same as that of a good bottle of wine. Bottles can be stored in a cellar lying on their sides. After transportation, a 3-day rest period will allow the yeast to settle to the bottom of the bottle. This makes it possible to serve the beer without it becoming cloudy. 25.4 oz capped bottle.

Lindemans Brewery, initially a family farm in southwest Brussels, began commercial brewing operations in 1822. They specialized in Lambics – a unique style of wheat beer wholly dependent on wild airborne yeasts for fermentation as well as on an exceptionally long period of maturation up to 3 years.

Over time, brewery revenue gradually outpaced farming revenue and by 1930, the Lindemans family was able to cease farming operations altogether to concentrate fully on the brew business.

Today the brewery, still family owned, exports its award winning ales to a dozen countries including the US, where their ales outsell all other Lambics.