Lindemans Cassis (Blackcurrant) Lambic 12 oz

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Black Currant Lambic

Brewed by: Lindemans Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Fruit Lambic
Color: Dark Red Brown

ABV: 4.0% rating: 77 rating: 87

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Lindemans Cassis Lambic is a fruit lambic that pours a dark reddish brown with a light to moderate pink head.

Top fermentation with the wild airborne yeasts specific to Belgium's Senne region, and the addition of black currants to the brew maturation process results in a complex, highly carbonated, full bodied ale that balances tart and sweet and has an ABV of 4%.

Aromas of black currant, blueberry and raspberry give way to a similar flavor profile, the fruity esters perfectly balanced by soft acidity.

The finish is delicately sweet, crisp and dry.

Food Pairings

Venison, roast pork tenderloin with rosemary cream sauce, scones, New York style cheesecake, and fresh fruit. Serve cold 2-3 degrees C in a flute-shaped Lambic glass.

Lindemans Brewery, initially a family farm in southwest Brussels, began commercial brewing operations in 1822. They specialized in Lambics – a unique style of wheat beer wholly dependent on wild airborne yeasts for fermentation as well as on an exceptionally long period of maturation up to 3 years.

Over time, brewery revenue gradually outpaced farming revenue and by 1930, the Lindemans family was able to cease farming operations altogether to concentrate fully on the brew business.

Today the brewery, still family owned, exports its award winning ales to a dozen countries including the US, where their ales outsell all other Lambics.