Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen (seasonal)


6-, 12- & 24-pack

Brewed by: Great Lakes Brewing Company
Country: USA
Style: Hefeweizen

ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 25 rating: 48 rating: 83

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  • Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen (6-pack) (Item #4697A)
  • $12.95
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  • Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen (12-pack) (Item #4697B)
  • $24.95
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  • Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen (24-pack) (Item #4697C)
  • $48.00
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Effervescent and bright, Great Lakes Lemon Hefeweizen (ABV 5.1%) is a frothy and fruity shandy-style brew favored by sunbathers or anyone in need of a refreshing cooler companion. Brewed with enough lemon purée to last a long weekend, zesty citrus flavors wash ashore while aromas of fresh squeezed lemonade breeze about from above. New shoreline-friendly cans mean you can enjoy a little fun in the sun from land or lake. 12 oz. can.


German for "yeast wheat", Hefeweizen is a classic Bavarian style that's both cloudy and bright. Despite its near-ubiquity in modern day southern Germany, pale wheat beers only gained their contemporary popularity in the mid-1960s. A classic Hefeweizen is unfiltered and sports a hazy appearance, thanks to wheat's high protein content. Banana and clove flavors abound, supported by high carbonation, a dry finish, and a fluffy mouthfeel.
The Great Lakes Brewing Company was established in 1988 as the first brewpub and microbrewery in Ohio by brothers Patrick and Daniel Conway in Cleveland's Ohio City neighborhood; by 2013 it was the 20th-largest craft brewery and 28th-largest overall brewery in the United States.