Delirium Noel Gift Set (2 large bottles & 1 glass)

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Complex, Spicy Christmas Ale

Brewed by: Huyghe Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Winter
Color: Red/Brown

ABV: 10% rating: 94 rating: 88

Bottle Size: 25.4 oz. (two bottles & 1 glass)

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Delirium Noel Gift Set includes two 25.4 oz bottles of Delirium Noel plus one Delirium Noel glass.

Delirium Noel (ABV 10%) from the Huyghe Brewery is a seasonal Belgian Strong Ale that pours dark red with a foamy beige head.

Top fermented and bottle conditioned, the brew boasts potent aromas of dark fruit, apricot, caramel malt, sweet cherry, cinnamon and clove with notes of vanilla, apple, banana and yeast.

Taste is similar to aroma and also includes toffee, plum, and red wine with notes of pepper and bitter hops. Medium-bodied with lively carbonation and a lingering, spicy, dry finish.

Gold-rimmed, tulip-shaped Delirium Noel Glass features the Delirium Noel logo with Santa's sleigh drawn by three Delirium pink elephants repeated three times. 33cl fill line marked. Approximately 6" H.

NOTE: In order to ship gift sets safely, we disassemble (or partially disassemble) them. All components (including the box and glassware) are shipped.

Located in the city of Melle in the East Flanders region of Belgium, the Huyghe Brewery was founded in 1906 when Leon Huyghe purchased a local brewery ("Den Appel") whose history in the region went back at least several centuries, to the mid-1600s.

Under his stewardship, the brewery survived both World Wars and actually managed to thrive; but by the 1970s and into the early 1980s sales of the staple brews – then based on lager and Dortmund style beers – were in decline. The brewery found itself – like so many other small family owned breweries of the time – unable to compete successfully with Flanders' larger commercial breweries.

In 1985 the Huyghe Brewery refocused its efforts to concentrate production on high quality, high alcohol, specialty ales only. The flagship brew of this style, Delirium Tremens, was introduced to high acclaim in 1987 and the brewery's fortunes flourished once again.

Today, still helmed by the Huyghe family, the Huyghe Brewery produces and distributes award winning specialty ales to at least eight countries including the United States, Canada, Italy and Japan.

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