De Leite Cuvee Jeun'Homme 11.2 oz

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Blond Sour Barrel-Aged Belgian Ale

Brewed by: De Leite Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Sour / Wild
Color: Gold

ABV: 6% rating: 91 rating: 87

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Cuvee Jeun'Homme (ABV 6%) from De Leite Brewery is an oak-aged sour ale. Before aging it has a light citrus bitterness because of the 4 types of hops used to brew it, along with subsequent dry hopping. It sours slowly during its 4 months storage in oak wine barrels. The daring bitter-sour combination softens in the aging, and the result is a pleasantly tart flavor with hints of gooseberry, wood, and spice.

Brewery De Leite: Ruddervoorde, Belgium

In 1997 Luc Vermeersch decided to channel his love of traditional, rustic crafts into the construction of a little garden shed that soon became the home of a tiny brewery and bread oven. When he bought his 30-liter system, the Finnish manufacturer gave him one week of training, and for about a decade the rest of his brewing education was self-taught. After enrolling in a brewing course, however, he started to dream of a larger brewery, and in 2008, Brewery De Leite was born.

The next phase of his dream was to produce his own barrel-aged sour beers, so in 2011 he bought his first 14 barrels from wine-grower friends in France. That program quickly expanded into his current array of 105 barriques and eight 4000-5000L foeders, and his love for sour beers could finally be translated in his own brewery into a series of 'cuvée beers'.