Brouwers Verzet Oud Bruin (Editie 2014) 12.7 oz

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Sour and Complex

Brewed by: Brouwers Verzet
Country: Belgium
Style: Sour/Red Brown
Color: Red Amber

ABV: 6% rating: 91 rating: 86

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Oud Bruin Editie 2014 (ABV 6%) from Brouwers Verzet is a traditional "old brown" from the South-West of Flanders -- a blend of old and young beer, aged in oak barrels. Each barrel is sampled separately and blended to obtain the perfect balance and a consistent flavor. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, the beer, once bottled, ages another six months to further develop its finesse and delicate aromas.

Thirst-quenching and bright, this red brown ale awakens your taste buds with a massive wallop of sourness. Once you are used to the acidity, the aroma and flavor of wood, green apple, bread, and red fruits present themselves more clearly. The refreshing acidity gives way to a dry finish. 12.7 oz bottle.
When they began Brouwers Verzet, Alex Lippens, Koen Van Lancker and Joran Van Ginderachter were 24-year-olds with a healthy suspicion of authority -- '''t Verzet" translates to "The Resistance". Having their formal education in brewing and biochemistry, they worked full-time jobs at three different commercial breweries while producing Verzet beers at four different facilities in Flanders. They purchased their own brewery in 2016, where they continue to produce original and varied brews with respect for both tradition and innovation.