Bink Winterkoninkske Grand Cru (American Oak) 2015 25.4 oz

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Special Edition Grand Cru

Brewed by: Kerkom Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Cellaring: Yes
Color: Darkest Brown

ABV: 13% rating: 98 rating: 4.13/5

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Brouwerij Kerkom have been brewing their Bink Winterkoninske Grand Cru (ABV 13%) since 2009 using several different dark malts, lending notes of chocolate, coffee, and sherry. This version was further aged in American oak barrels, and bottled in 2015.

A dark brown, almost black beer with a medium beige head, its aroma is intense, and dominated by deep chocolate, dark fruits, dried plums, vanilla, and spices.

Heavy-bodied and creamy, it's sweet but complex: luscious dark fruits are complemented by earthy chocolate notes and a bourbon-flavored finish.

A beer to sip and savor, its 13% ABV makes it perfect for cellar aging.

Brouwerij Kerkom, where Bink beers are brewed, is the quintessential farmhouse brewery, set amid cherry and pear orchards in the countryside of East Flanders. Brewer Marc Limet and his wife Marina are committed to brewing traditional beers, with every step of the process done manually. Using the equipment of the old brewery, which dates to 1878, with a few modern additions, Marc makes full-bodied, slightly earthy, very dry beers. The brewery's cozy pub has grown into the road house of dreams for many walkers, cyclists, and beer lovers, who gather there to share its satisfying ales.