Bacchus Nitro Flemish Old Brown Ale 10.14 oz can

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Belgian Brown Sour Ale

Brewed by: Van Honsebrouck Brewery
Country: Belgium
Style: Sour Red/Brown
Color: Red Brown

ABV: 4.5% rating: Not yet rated rating: Not yet rated

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Bacchus Nitro Flemish Old Brown Ale (ABV 4.5%) from the Van Honsebrouck Brewery impresses through both its sourness and the slight touch of caramel brought by the roasted malt. Therefore, Bacchus Nitro Flemish Old Brown is a very refreshing beer with a pleasant aftertaste. A zesty thirst-quencher full of character and history!

"No old brown beer has this kind of head! The creamy, slightly sour and vinous keep each other in balance: Nitro is the best thing that could happen to this beer style. Very refreshing and accessible beer!"

-- Ben Vinken, Belgium's most famous beer sommelier and publisher of 'Beerpassion' magazine since 1998.

The Van Honsebrouck Brewery (makers of Kasteel beers) began as a small farm and brewery on the outskirts of Ingelmunster in the West Flanders region of Belgium.

Purchased in 1900 by husband and wife Emile and Ludovica Van Honsebrouck and expanded in the 1930s by their two sons, major success would elude the brew farm until the 1950s when grandson Luc Van Honsebrouck took over the business.

Educated at the brewing schools of Ghent and then gaining practical experience at a large German brewery, Luc would change the direction of the family business by breaking with tradition and concentrating on the production of high quality specialty beers. His vision proved fortunate, and made him a legend in the craft brew industry.

Today the Van Honsebrouck Brewery – still family owned and operated – distributes its specialty ales to at least two dozen countries including the United States, Canada, China, Italy, Brazil and Japan.

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Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Apr 15, 2023  |  By Joseph C.
All these items wee half off at $2.48 a can. The Shandys or fruit flavored beers were good but the old Flemish ales were wonderful
Joseph C.