Ardenne Saison Biere Sauvage 11.2 oz

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Mildly Fruity with a Touch of Tartness

Brewed by: Brasserie Minne
Country: Belgium
Style: Saison

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 5.5% rating: 90 rating: 3.9/5

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Ardenne Saison "Bière Sauvage" (ABV 5.5%) from Brasserie Minne is fermented with true "wild brettanomyces" yeast cultivated from the region.

It pours hazy yellow gold with a small, creamy, slowly dissipating head. Aroma is moderately hoppy (Cascade and Hallertau hops are used), and tart -- redolent of apple, sage, funk, barnyard, straw, grass, and lemon.

Flavor is lightly fruity -- with a little tartness at the front -- and fairly hoppy, with a medium-light body and lingering bitterness.

Brasserie Minne (formerly Brasserie de Bastogne) is part of the new wave of Belgian microbreweries. For a dozen years or so, Philippe Minne, an engineer by trade, was a hobby brewer, learning all the technical aspects of brewing – a great start for a fledgling professional brewer.

In search of a location to set up their own brewery, Philippe and his wife Catherine met organic farmer Philippe Meurisse; in 2008 the three established a brewery at a farm near the town of Bastogne, for which the brewery is named.

A sustainable way of doing business and a focus on regional products are paramount for this brewery. At the heart of Brasserie de Bastogne's philosophy is the aim to produce balanced, artisanal beers with character and an uncompromisingly pure taste.