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New Arrivals

We frequently add new beers, and this is where you can find our latest offerings. This is a good place for returning visitors to see if we've added something you've been looking for!

CLICK AN ITEM BELOW for full description and price.

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Airborne Brune 11.2 oz Item 7218

Airborne Helmet Ceramic Mug Item 7219

Alvinne Cuvee d'Erpigny Pedro Ximenez 11.2 oz Item 7215

Alvinne Cuvee Freddy 11.2 oz Item 7216

Alvinne Podge Belgian Imperial Stout 11.2 oz Item 7217

Ardenne Saison 11.2 oz Item 7205

Ardenne Stout 11.2 oz Item 7206

Bavik Super Pils 11.2 oz can Item 7211

Bink Winterkoninkske Grand Cru (American Oak) 2015 25.4 oz Item 7193

Blaugies La Moneuse 12.7 oz Item 7190

Blaugies La Vermontoise 12.7 oz Item 7191

Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait 12.7 oz Item 7209

De la Senne Bruxellensis 11.2 oz Item 7212

De la Senne-Mont Saleve Double Saison 11.2 oz Item 7192

De Ranke Back to Black 25.4 oz Item 7213

Delirium Tremens Beer Glass Item Z08

Dupont Avec les Bons Voeux Saison 25.4 oz Item 7203

Dupont Foret Libre Gluten-Removed Ale 25.4 oz Item 7184

Gulden Draak Sampler (6 bottles) Item 7199

Hof ten Dormaal Barbera 11.2 oz Item 7196

Kasteel RaspBarista Raspberry Chocolate Quad 25.4 oz Item 7201

La Trappe Ora et Labora 12 oz can Item 4504

La Trappe Witte Beer Glass Item Z09

Lambickx (Senne Valley, Private Domain) 25.4 oz Item 7195

Lindemans GingerGueuze 25.4 oz Item 7202

Lindemans Strawberry Lambic 12 oz Item 7200

NUTS! by Vincent J. Speranza (paperback) Item 7223

Petrus Aged Red 25.4 oz Item 7187

Piraat Special Reserve 25.4 oz Item 7188

Spencer Grapefruit IPA 12 oz Item 4552
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